What is gelato?

A favorite in Italy since the late 1400’s. Gelato was created in the Dolomite Mountains of northern Italy long before refrigera- tion was invented.
Most ice creams and custards offered today in the United States have between 16% and 24% butter fat content and are about 50% of “overrun” (air). In a five ounce serving of Divino Gelato cream base flavors there is only 4-8 % butterfat with 130-180 calories, 20-30% less than most ice creams and custards. Our fruit flavors, also known as Sorbetto, contains less than 1% fat with 90-130 calories per serving. Our Gelato is made with a very slow churning process, which adds almost “no air” to our product, you are consuming “all product”.
Due to Divino Gelato’s “significantly” less butterfat, the flavor of the Gelato is “intensified”, you are enjoying, all natural fresh product with no artificial ingredients, flavorings, fillers, or preservatives normally added to other ice cream or frozen yogurts. You enjoy the creamy, burst of intense taste, smooth texture, of Divino Gelato from the first spoonful to the last due to the very low butterfat not coating the taste buds on your tongue, with “no” fatty acids, triglycerides and trans fats, like high fat ice creams and custards. Our flavors are “real” you do not have to add expensive, high fat, high calorie, toppings or fla- vorings to have an enjoyable experience as you must do with custards and yogurts. All natural, low fat, made “fresh” daily in Waukesha not in a remote manufacturing plant with significant amounts of added preservatives to enable long term storage and shipment.

Our sorbettos (fruits) have absolutely no dairy. They are great for our lactose intolerant customers who want an ice cream experience without milk. We now offer a Chocolate Sorbetto for the chocolate lover who wants no fat or dairy.
We offer daily 36 “fresh” flavors to choose from our total arsenal of 180 flavors. “Divino”, means “Heavenly” in Italian, is exactly what our Gelato is…. (A spoonful of heaven), Gelato, like pizza and pasta, is an expression to the world of the most famous Italian icon, “Made In Italy”, is so appreciated for tradition and the high quality of raw materials with a beautifully satisfying result.
Our Gelato contains protein of higher biological value than milk, essential amino acids, rich in digestible and assimilable
and therefore important for the process of growth. Our Gelato contains “no bacteria”.
The fats are of mainly milk fat, which can be used by the body as an energy source. The cream also contains simple sugars, lactose and sucrose, which are absorbed quickly, providing a significant amount of energy. Our Gelato has a healthy dose of micronutrients and vitamins. Gelato can be a genuine lunch as in Italy where it is consumed multiple times per day by the Italians. The important thing is Divino Gelato uses only “the highest” quality “real” ingredients.
Gelato is an ideal food all year and at any age, it is a healthy snack, rich in calcium and phosphorous. Most of Divino Gelato’s Products are gluten-free but please ask about each flavor before consuming. Only a few of our Gelato’s contain egg. Please ask about a flavor if you have an egg allergy.